Cal's GitHub Stuff

My stuff on github is split between my personal account, the ex-flickr organization and the tinyspeck organization. Ex-flickr is a group of projects created by engineers who once worked at Flickr and follow the Flickr way, based on the lessons we learned over 6+ years of engineering a very large web app. TinySpeck is the company I now work for, building Glitch, a web-based massively-multiplayer online game.

PHP Libraries

Single Sign-On


All of these projects were previously hosted in Flickr's SVN repository, which has unfortunately been offline for several years.

Perl Modules

Misc Cruft

Node Libraries

  • node-mysql: My fork for hacking on MySQL Node bindings. Just use the main repo instead.
  • daemon.node: Collection of patches for running Node as a daemon.
  • node.memcache: Memcache bindings for Node.
  • http_utils.js: A simple HTTP wrapper for Node that handles GET/POST vars and file uploads.
  • service.js: Easily turn node apps into init.d services.

Node Apps

  • logTailer: Tail log files in real time over the web.
  • rollup: Collect and graph high-volume realtime stats.
  • logbot: Simple IRC bot.
  • logSmush: Multi-server log aggregation over HTTP.


TinySpeck Tools

Misc Apps

WoW Addons

Web Sites